Sodick injection molding machines have been engineered to be the most precise machines on the market, particularly around the injection unit and clamping mechanism. Our technology has created an unprecedented, stable molding process capable of holding cavity pressures virtually without variation. We excel in highly-competitive markets including:

V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger System

Sodick Plustech eliminated the check ring and all of its associated flaws to bring the ultra-precision injection molding machines

Sodick Plustech provides each customer with the best performance machines for your advanced molding applications. Sodick Plustech line-up is selected from Horizontal Injection Molding Machines, Vertical Injection Molding Machines, LSR-Silicone Injection Molding Machines, and Special Configurations.

Providing solutions to tight tolerance needs in Micro Molding, LSR Molding, Advanced Polymer Molding, and Medical Molding

This innovative "Hybrid" technology, and the patented two-stage V-LINE Plunger system combine to provide the most accurate machine available in today's competitive market, such as Micro Molding, LSR Molding, Advanced Polymer Molding, and Medical Molding. The result is increased productivity, larger process windows and significant operational cost reductions, allowing the user the highest yields possible.

    The Exact Dosing System meets critical medical molding needs.
    The Plunger injection enables to fill super thin-wall applications.
    The V-Line ensures improved uptime and higher yield for precision applications.
    Proven "No Check-Ring" design provides much cleaner plasticizing process.